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Operation Solidarity…Soldout

The May 1983 British Columbia election ushered in a third consecutive Social Credit majority headed by Premier Bill Bennett. An austerity budget and a series of sweeping legislative attacks on the public sector and unions were advanced. A popular opposition... Continue Reading →


The NDP: A Marxist Analysis

This pamphlet was published by the International Socialists in May 1997 during a remarkable low point in the history of the NDP in terms of popular support. Ontarians had unceremoniously turfed the Rae government in Ontario in June 1995, and... Continue Reading →

From Defeat to Renewal: The NDP Tomorrow

After the November 1988 "free trade" election, Canadian Auto Workers president Robert "Bob" White wrote a scathing critique of the New Democratic Party published in the May-June 1989 issue of This Magazine. To mark Bob White's passing this past week, the... Continue Reading →

Lessons of the 1981 Ontario hospital strike

Low wages, rising inflation, job cuts and speed-ups, the stubbornness of the employer, and frustrating caution from union leaders all fed into an explosive Ontario-wide wildcat strike of 14,000 hospital workers. From January 20 to February 2, the strike rocked the province and... Continue Reading →

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